best acne treatment in Bangkok

What Acne Treatment In Bangkok is the Best?

One of the most concerns about acne treatment is that acne returns back after the treatment.

Acne Clear Plus at Puttharaksa Aesthetic works on the root cause. It helps the skin become healthier. So that the acne will get improved while preventing new ones.

Acne Clear Plus consists of three components that work well together to provide a strong result:

  1. Acne extraction: remove comedonal acne.
  2. Three creams: work on inflammatory acne.
  3. Acne facial: improves skin irritation and makes the skin become healthier.

Acne Clear Plus has been in service since 2005. It has helped more than 24,820 clients since then.

This acne treatment also works well on all skin types including sensitive skin.

More information about this treatment is available at acne treatment, Puttharaksa Aesthetic.