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What Facial Extraction In Bangkok is the Best?

There are two kinds of facial extraction available in Bangkok. The first method is applying a laser to open the acne and then using an extraction tool to remove the acne. The second method is applying a needle to open the acne instead of the laser.

Facial extraction with a laser has a lower chance of inflammation. However, it may leave dark spots after the extraction due to heat from the laser. Facial extraction with a needle does not cause dark spots but has to be performed by a specialist in order to avoid inflammation.

Puttharaksa Aesthetic offers one of the best facial extraction services available in Bangkok. The extraction is performed by well-trained specialists. They also have an extraction procedure which is less painful and redness.

Since 2005, Puttharaksa Aesthetic has performed facial extraction more than 42,482 cases.

More information about this treatment is available at https://www.puttharaksa.com